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Laminate Flooring FAQs

How do I clean my laminate floor?

To keep your laminate floor in new condition, it's important you follow the maintenance advice provided to at the time of purchase. General day-to-day maintenance includes vacuuming, sweeping and dust-mopping. Specialist flooring cleaning products are also available – these are best sprayed onto a mop-head before you wipe the floor

Is laminate water resistant?

Laminate flooring surfaces are resistant but water can seep between the board joins. If persistent for long periods of time, the boards can swell and flex. The changing of seasons and the variations in temperature and humidity can also affect the flooring. We recommend you to mop up any spills and leaks immediately to prevent this kind of damage. Clic seal can help avoid this damage by stopping water penetrating

Is laminate scratch resistant?

A tough melamine topcoat resists this from happening, laminate floors are almost scratch resistant. This means general wear and tear from everyday use should not show up, please check the guarantees on the flooring and the type of usage allowed However, heavy-duty contact, can cause damage and deep scratches

Do you offer samples of laminate flooring?

Yes. Please click the order samples button on the flooring you require

Is my laminate floor guaranteed?

All Wooden Floors 4 You laminate comes with a warranty of between 20 and 25 years

Is laminate flooring suitable for every room in my house?

Laminate flooring can be installed in almost every room. We don't recommend fitting in bathrooms and this is not covered in any guarantees

Can laminate flooring be installed over under-floor heating?

Yes, laminate flooring is suitable for use with under-floor heating systems the right underlay is needed

How should I prepare my floor before laying my laminate?

Before you start, leave your flooring materials in your home for a minimum of 24 hours before installation to ensure the boards are acclimatised to your home. The sub floor should be flat and clean and an underlay should be installed first

Is it possible to lay the floor myself?

Yes all the floors are easy to fit as long as you are prepared correctly with the right tools and equipment. We are always on hand for any advice needed

Do I need to leave an expansion gap when fitting laminate?

Yes. You'll need to leave a 10mm expansion gap to allow for movement of the flooring

Is laminate flooring environmentally friendly?

All Wooden Floors 4 You flooring is sourced from manufacturers and brands that practice responsible harvesting. We appreciate how important sustaining healthy forests is